Zonders.pro already scam and selective payout

Zonders(Zonders.pro) is a hyip program which provides medium term investment plans. It started on 16th Oct 2018 and scam on 27th Dec 2018. This program is a typical selective payout program, so it equals to scam hyip.

From Hongwei’s information, Zonders(Zonders.pro) doesn’t pay withdrawal amount which is more than 200 dollars now. Because one of his referrals(username is gxx7119) account was frozen after withdrawing 200 dollars principal. Zonders(Zonders.pro) admin quibbled that “gxx7119” has created multiple accounts in their system, but at the same time he froze “gxx7119” account and don’t let my friends(Hongwei) to login “gxx7119” account to testify. In fact, “gxx7119” is his regular referral and never created multiple accounts.

For now, in Zonders(Zonders.pro) system, both “Hongwei” and “gxx7119” account were blocked and you can try to login with such two usernames to testify accounts’ status. I must say that the admin  is stupid with only $200 selective payout.

It is obvious that Zonders(Zonders.pro) is already a selective payout program and MMGP forums also moved the program into scam list(https://mmgp.ru/showthread.php?t=604668):


So just stay away from Zonders(Zonders.pro) and don’t invest any more to keep your money safe. Don’t believe other monitors’ paying status to this program because they only care about their advertisement fee and never care about their referrals.

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