Is paying normally already? I don’t think so!

Zonders( is a HYIP program which has been online since 16th Oct 2018. It mainly provides medium investment plans. You may see that almost all monitors and blogs list it in paying sections, but now let me give you some lastest updates about it.

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article about Zonders( selective payout to warn HYP investors not to invest in this program. But two days ago, I realized that its status on Hyiper(a Chinese HYIP monitor) was changed from Scam to Paying. However, I still treat it as a scam. Now let’s see its payout statistics on Hyiper Chinese monitor below: selective payout

From the statistics, we can see that there is no payment at all from 27th Dec to 1st Feb, the period lasts for more than one month. You can check it yourself here:

If you already read my last article about Zonders(, you should know that it already didn’t pay some big amount withdrawals, actually $200 is not big, right? I send emails to admin of Hyiper Chinese monitor to ask why he changed status back to paying. He said that Zonders admin already unlock his account and compensate him with the lost daily profit during past month, but still locked his referral’s account. He is still trying to negotiate with zonders admin for his referrals.

So it is clear that Zonders( is still a scam without doubt. In fact, I have never seen such a program which bought so many listings on HYIP monitors and blogs, but didn’t want to pay only $200 withdrawal. So it is my suggestion that never invest programs like Zonders( I also think that Hyiper Chinese monitor will not promote it in the future.

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