Withdrawal Tutorial for Russia-invest.com

Russia-Invest(Russia-invest.com) is a HYIP program which has been online since 26th Nov 2018. It maily provides long term investment plans. In this article, I will write a tutorial for its withdrawal process.

First step: Login to your account and click the “withdraw cash” button to transfer the money into your account balance

russia-invest withdrawal tutorial

Then you will see the money is in your “withdrawal account” balance now, just like below attachment:

russia-invest withdrawal tutorial

Second step: Click the “withdraw” button to continue next procesures

russia-invest withdrawal tutorial

Third Step: Click the ecurrency sign which you would like to receive your money. And then you will see a table which you should fill in before submitting withdrawal requests. I will take PerfectMoney for example:

Fourth Step: Type into the withdrawal amount and wallet areas, then you will see the US dollar amount which you will receive later. Finally, click the withdrawal button to complete:


Fifth Step: Paste your transaction batch to the review area and leave feedbacks. Of course, it is not a must and you don’t need to do it. But if you have apare time, I advise you to leave your reviews, it will be good to Russia-Invest(Russia-invest.com).


Russia-Invest(Russia-invest.com) provides instant withdrawal function for investors. So you will receive your money within seconds after submitting withdrawal requests.

By the way, by investing in Russia-Invest(Russia-invest.com), you will get 23%-40% monthly until 173%-204% was reached. And your profit is accured each hour to your account. At the same time you can earn from daily logins and surfing the task easily.R

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