How to withdraw money on account?

In past articles, I already wrote something about Weenzee LTD(, it is a HYIP program which offers long term investment plans. Now I will write a tutorial about how to withdraw in Weenzee LTD(

First Step: Login and click “To main account” button, then the $3.6 will go to your balance:

Weenzee LTD(

Second Step: Click on the “USD” sign to see the $3.6 on your balance and click the “Withdraw” button:

Weenzee LTD(

Third Step: type into the withdrawal amount and click “withdraw ” button:


Fourth Step: Type into “finance password” and click “Confirm” button:


Till now, your withdrawal request is submitted successfully. It shows that withdrawal will be processed within 72 hours, in fact, it will be completed within 12 hours. If you have other questions about WeenzeeLTD(, then welcome to comment below. Also, if you still haven’t join this program, then welcome to register and test with small amount of investment.


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