Weenzee.com Official: Attention! Cases of Fraud!

Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com) has been online since 22nd Nov 2018. It is a professionally designed investment programs. Today, Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com) official website published a piece of news, let’s see the original content below:

Dear users,

Appeals to technical support from Weenzee members, complaining about spamming to them, have become more frequent. Letters are misleading the user notifying him of a temporary or complete blocking of access to his personal account.

We remind you that Weenzee never requests a login password, a financial password, or any other personal information from its users.

Be careful about saving personal information. We recommend to activate two-factor authorization on your e-mail address and to confirm financial transactions via a code sent to a cell phone or Telegram.

According to the offer agreement, the participant undertakes to make every effort to preserve confidential information.

The security of your finances is the key to stability and well-being.


Each time when an investment program is hot, there will be fraud cases in name of the program. The thieves pretended to be admins and send you emails to steal your login information. In fact, this fraud method is already outdated, but just like the fishing websites, there are always newbies lost their money here.

So if you receive emails from Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com) to let you type any login info, just ignore it. Because Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com) never ask you for that, including other HYIP programs.

Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com) is a good program in HYIP industry currently. If you don’t know where to invest with your spare money, you can join under the link below. For its more details, you can look at the Weenzee.com Review in past articles.


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