Weenzee.com: Be careful and beware of scams!

Last night, I received an email from Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com). It warned investors of scams. Because there were always some cheaters pretending to be official workers from Weenzee LTD. Let’s see the offcial email from Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com).

Please note that WEENZEE members are more often contacting the support team with complaints about spam: they receive an email about a temporary or full-time block of personal accounts.Remember: WEENZEE never requests users to send their login or password, financial password or any other personal information. Activate 2F-authentication, confirm all transactions only with a code sent via a mobile phone or Telegram. And be careful! The safety of your finances is the key to stability and well-being. 

So never provide your login or password to anyone no matter what they say, this is very important to keep your account safe. Also, don’t use the same password in all programs. Each program should have a unique password. Many investors were scammed due to the same password in all programs, including me. So don’t be a lazy investor like me.

By the way, starting from today, when you withdraw money, Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com) will send you an email. You must click a confirmation link in the email to complete your withdrawal process. This action will make your money more safe. Because even if your login info is stolen, they can’t steal your money without the confirmation link, thanks to Weenzee LTD workers.

Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com) is an investment program which started on
22nd Nov 2018, only 83 days till now. You have five investment plans to choose and make 0.65%-0.92% daily for 30-360 days, with principal back. So if you are seeking for good investment projects, why not choose it as one of your portfolios?


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