Expose something about usdprofit.net for HYIP newbies

Most HYIP investors are not strange about Usdprofit.net, because it has been online since 29th Sep 2015, more than 3 years till now. Even if most HYIP monitors display “Paying” status for it, but I would like to called it selective scam.

It is because most of Usdprofit.net investment plans don’t pay investors. Now let’s see them below:

(1) Invest 10-2500 dollars, you will earn 0.3% daily for lifetime and principal included

(2) Invest 100-5000 dollars, you will earn 2.5% daily for 365 days and principal included

(3) Invest 200-25000 dollars, you will earn 7% daily for 300 days and principal included

(4) Invest 250-40000 dollars, you will earn 10% daily for 250 days and principal included

(5) Invest 300-50000 dollars, you will earn 15% daily for 180 days and principal included

(6) Invest 350-50000 dollars, you will earn 20% daily for 90 days and principal included

There are also other plans which I won’t describe here, if you are interested, you can open their website and have a look. Some HYIP newbies may see that the sixth plan is so profitable, because it is 20% daily and you will break even after 5 days. The most important thing is that the investment cycle is 90 days and you can earn 20% daily during next 85 days, right? Of course not, because you can’t withdraw your daily profit and all your investment will be lost here. Among the investment plans above, only the first plan pays regularly, and the precondition is that your investment amount must be small. Let’s look at Usdprofit.net monitoring data on hyiplog below which is an all hyip monitors:

Usdprofit.net on hyip log

You can see that there are three HYIP monitors showing NOT PAYING and PROBLEM statuses, but most monitors still shows paying status. That is because Usdprofit.net pays advertisment fee with the first plan “0.3% daily for lifetime”, so that it can survive for more than 3 years. And in fact, many investors already lost money here.

So stay aways from Usdprofit.net to keep your money safe. By the way, if you find that one plan is more profitable than others in a HYIP program, then you’d better not choose the profitable one, because it is always a trap.

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