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Hello, dear HYIP investors. is a high yield investment program which provides short term investment plans. It has been online since 29th Jun 2019, only the second day till now, so it is still a fresh investment program. Now let me introduce it in details.

Already scam, don’t invest!

Investment Plans

(1) Invest 20-1000 dollars, earn 103% after 1 day totally

(2) Invest 20-1000 dollars, earn 117% after 5 days totally

(3) Invest 20-1000 dollars, earn 155% after 15 days totally

(4) Invest 200-1000 dollars, earn 300% after 30 days totally

(5) Invest 300-1000 dollars, earn 600% after 45 days

(6) Invest 600-1000 dollars, earn 1300% after 60 days

These are the plans whose investment amount is less than $1000. Because most investors’ deposit is less than $1000, so I won’t describe those whose amount is higher than this. For more available plans, you can register an account now and look at them yourself. If you are still a newbie and don’t know which plan to choose, then I suggest you chooing the first one, because the investment cycle is 1 day and you can get back your principal and profit together only after 24 hours.

By the way, for all registered users, they can get $20 deposit bonus for free. The bonus will be added into the “0.5% daily for 200 days” plan automatically after your registration.

Referral Commissions

Each investment plan has different referral commission percentages. For the first “103% after 1 day” plan, the commission is 1%; for the second “117% after 5 days” plan, the commission is 2%; for the third “155% after 15 days” plan, the commission is 3%; for the fourth “300% after 30 days” plan, the commission is 5%; for the fifth “600% after 45 days” plan, the commission is 15%; for the sixth “1300% after 60 days” plan, the commission is 15%.

Withdrawal Type

All withdrawal requests will be processed within 48 working hours. The minimum withdrawal amount will be $10.

Payment Options

Investors can choose Bitcoin or Ripple to deposit and withdraw right now. I think it will be better if PerfectMoney and Payeer are available.

Other information designed a customized template for its website, and bought GeoTrust EVSSL, together with UK company certificate, the registration number is 12021535. The admin installed Goldcoders script which is the most popular HYIP manager script in current HYIP industry.

These are all the main information about, if you still have something to add, welcome to comment below.

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