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Tophats Farm( has been online for 72 days till now. The shortest cycle in former investment plans is only 22 days, so it already passed 3 cycles and many investors made profits from it.

Several hours ago, I received a newsletter from Tophats Farm( I think all registered members also received it. The main content was about to publish a new investment plan. This is partal of the email content. I just paste it here for you in case of you haven’t see your email box.

Today we are glad to present you a new investment portfolio of Tophats Farms – “110% after 5 calendar days” plan, thanks to which you can earn in shorter periods. 

So, just a few words about new plan. That you clearly understand the essence of this proposal, we will do it with a practical example. Let’s say you want to create a deposit of $100. You have the choice to invest this amount for 30 days and get $150 in a month or use the new plan and get back $110 in just 5 calendar days. The earnings process becomes faster, thereby reducing all possible risks, and by reinvesting the total return several times a month, you can significantly increase your profits even against the background of investment plans with daily accrual. We want to emphasize that invested amount is included in the total return, so you can receive both deposit and profit after those 5 days.

In this new plan, the minimum deposit amount is $100, and you can earn 110% after 5 days, principal included. That is to say, net profit percent is 10% in 5 days. I show its former plans below:

(1) Invest 10-49 dollars, earn 3% daily for 50 days and principal included

(2) Invest 50-199 dollars, earn 5% daily for 30 days and principal included

(3) Invest 200-10000 dollars, earn 7% daily for 22 days and principal included

We can see that the new plan is more profitable than the former first two plans. What’s more, you can get back your principal faster than before, because it is only 5 days period. Of course, not all investors like “after plans”, because they can’t withdraw profit daily. So you can make your own decision according to your investment habits and financial status.

Tophats Farm( mainly provides medium investment plans and has been online since 3rd Dec 2018. All my withdrawal requests during past are instant. It registered EVSSL and company certificates. If you are looking for investment programs, you can open their website and have a look.

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