Review: earn 150% net return on every spot is brandly new MLM investment program. It has been online only for 13 days till now. Compared with most HYIPs, it has a different mode. Now let’s see it.

Already scam, don’t invest!

To be a participant you will need to purchase at least one spot, each spot costs from $9 to $9999. You may purchase as many spots as you wish.

As soon as the purchase process is completed, your spot will be added to the bottom of the waiting spots line. When new spots are purchased by others and the No.1 spot get popped up, your spot will raise a slot.

You will be returned 110% profit in the case of your spot get raised to No.1 slot, 25% of the profit will be directly paid to your e-wallet account, while the remaining 75% of the profit will be automatically purchased a new spot. The process above is called one cycle, when reaching 10 Auto-Rebuy cycles, your spot will get fully completed with totally 150% return.

Let’s see how much you will earn for each cycle with $1000 investment: investment

I just invested $40 about 20 hours ago, now I get back totally $11. is a program which will not scam because of its mechanism. Now let me publish some frequently asked questions to you:

(1) What is SpotFlow?

SpotFlow is a unique momey game system based on MLM which allows participants to make about 150% profit from every spot purchased, but in the meanwhile, you may suffer partial or whole principal fund losses, It depends on your participation time and the operation of the system. All profit and commissions paid to earlier participants come from the later participants, the system itself can not generate any profit at the moment, but in the future advertisement service will be launched.

To take participate in the system, please make sure you have fully understood how the system works and can afford a certain potential financial losses.

(2) How the system works?

To take participate in the system you will need to purchase at least one spot, after that your spot will be aded to popup waiting line. When a new spot is purchased by others and the spot amount is greater than 27.5% of the spot at the No.1 slot, the No.1 slot will be get popped up and your spot will rise a slot, in the case of your spot get rised to No.1 slot, it will get popped up with 110% profit, in which 75% of the profit will automatically rebuy a new spot and return to the bottom of the waiting line, while the remaining 25% profit will be automatically paid to your PerfectMoney account. When your spot reach 10 Auto-Rebuy cycles, it will get fully completed, 100% profit will be paid to your PerfectMoney account at the last cycle. This complete cycle brings you about 150% net profit.

For every new spot purchase: 
5% funds are taken to pay for affiliate commission.
5% funds are deducted to cover the system operation fee and advertising fee.
The remaining funds are used to push spots to get poped up.

(3) In what case a round end and the new round start?

When there is no spot get popped up within 3 days, the current round will be closed and a new round will start in 1-10 days.

(4) If my spot does not get popped up in the previous round, can it countine in the next round?

Sorry,But every round is a new start, and the old datas will be deleted form the database. At the start of participation you should understand the potential risk.

(5) When will I receive payment in the case of popup of my spot?

Immediately, this system is fully automatic and all transaction data is open and transparent.

(6) What is PerfectMoney and how to create an account?

Perfect Money is a leading electronic payment system allowing the users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet. You may register an free account at PERFECTMONEY website if you do not have one.

(7) What is affiliate program adn how to participate in it?

Affiliate program is part of marketing promotion which offers participants an opportunity to earn extra money by referring others to use the system. For every new spot purchased through your affiliate link you will get 5% affiliate commission instantly.

(8) May I use my own affiliate link to purchase spot?

Yes, in such case the affiliate commission will be paid to yourself.

(9) How may I know what slot my spot is at?

At MY SPOT section, enter your PerfectMoney account and click on SEARCH button, all transactions of your spots will be displayed there. At the “Active Spot” row and “Remark” column, your can find the slot of your spot.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I invested $40 in second round, and only got back $11, do don’t invest if you can’t afford to lose.

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