has been online for 100 days

Sonatabit( has been online since 23rd Oct 2018. Till now, it pays successfully for 100 days already. Its investment plan is 45 days a cycle, so that is to say, more than two cycles now. In this article, let me write something about it.

Sonatabit( provides three investment plans, the minimum spend amount is all 20 dollars.

(1) Earn 3% daily for 45 days and principal included in daily profit

(2) Earn 2.5% daily for 60 days and principal included in daily profit

(3) Earn 2.3% daily for 75 days and principal included in daily profit

Besides your personal deposits, you can also earn from up to 5 level referral commissions. It is 3%, 1%, 0.8%, 0.5% and 0.3%. During the past 100 days, I think some promoters already made considerable profit. But I think it will not be late to make money if you start to promote.

If you have money in your account balance, you can choose to reinvest or withdraw any time. Although it says withdrawal requests will be processed within 12 business hours on their website, but in fact, the money will go to your wallet instantly and you don’t need to wait. It is not convenient for me to tell who is the admin of Sonatabit(, but I can say that this admin never opens fast scam HYIPs, that is the reason why Sonatabit( already pays for 100 days online now and still continues.

If you know more about Sonatabit(, welcome to comment below, I will be happy to communicate with you.

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