was confirmed scam already

When I submitted a withdrawal request in three hours ago, I found that the request was not processed instantly any more and got a pending status instead. After contacting with the admin, he told me that alreasy scam because of current bad industry status.

Generally speaking, is a very good HYIP program. Because it has already paid online for 135 days. You should know that this period is a very bad period in HYIP investment and most admins lost their money, including Fortunately, all early investors in made profit since the shortest invetment cycle takes only 45 days, of course, the precondition is that you are not an investor who always reinvests both principal and profit.

Also, admin of told me that he won’t build new HYIP site during the near future until the industry picks up. I look forward to a better industry future and new program from this good admin.

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