raised the minimum withdrawal of cryptocurrency

Yesterday, admin publised a piece of news about the minimum withdrawal amount for cryptocurrencies. Let’s see the original new below:

Dear investor:
        Affected by the cryptocurrency exchange rate, we adjust the minimum withdrawal amount of the cryptocurrency: 
BTC minimum withdrawal 0.001 BTC
Litecoin minimum withdrawal of 0.004 LTC
Ethereum Minimum Withdrawal 0.01 ETH 
PM and payeer minimum withdrawal $0.01 
        If your withdrawal request is less than the above value, your withdrawal request will be returned and the funds will be returned to the account balance!

As a matter of fact, the amount is still within reasonable limits. So please be sure you reach the minimum amount before withdrawal in the future. Of course, your withdrawal requests are still instant like before. is a very stable investment program which has been online since 23rd Oct 2018, already 134 days till now. The investment plans are very attractive, minimum withdrawal is $20 for all plans:

(1) You will get 3% daily for 45 days and principal included in daily profit

(2) You will get 2.5% daily for 60 days and principal included in daily profit

(3) You will get 2.3% daily for 75 days and principal included in daily profit

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