Scam fast and leave disappointment with HYIP investors is a hyip program which provided medium term investment plans. This program has been online since 8th Jan 2019 and scamed on 21st Jan 2019, that means only pays online for nearly 13 days and all hyip investors didn’t get back their principal in the end. provided two investment plans below:

(1) Minimum spend $25, get 7% each working day for 22 working days and principal included

(2) Minimum spend $25, get 110% totally after 7 days

From investment plans, we can know that 13 days lifetime is really so short and there is no doubt that it is a typical rubbish hyip program. In the two plans above, almost all investors will choose the first plan, because they can get back profit and principal daily, as for the second plan, I think nobody or only very few investors will choose to invest, because you can only withdraw after 7 days. has three levels referral commissions, it is 7%-2%-1%. It is a normal referral system.

For experienced hyip investors, they will easily to find that the website template is similar with former “carbon7” series hyips which are famous milestone programs in hyip industry. But now we can be sure that is only a fake “carbon7”. But we don’t have 100% accurate ways to judge its authenticity before investment because hyip programs are always in anonymity.

Together with its EVSSL and company certificate, are all ways admin used to confuse your judgment. But I think for experienced hyip investors, they are already accustomed to such phenomenons, because they know that HYIP programs are only online gamble games, so we can only invest with our spare money and never invest what we can’t afford to lose.

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