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World Way Capital( has been online since 23rd Jan 2019. It mainly provides medium investment plans. In summary, I think this program is qualified for a potential HYIP project in current period. In this article, I will write something about my promotional results of it.

I have been in World Way Capital( for only 7 days now, but several old investors already joined under me because they thought that World Way Capital was a potential program. Look at my referral panel below:

World Way Capital(

Although their investment amount is not large, but it is already a good promotional results in only 7 days in current HYIP depression stage. By the way, I will introduce the investment plans of World Way Capital( again. If you are the first to hear this program, you can see it in details below:

(1) Invest $20-$499, earn 1.5% each working day for 16 working days and principal back

(2) Invest $500-$4999, earn 1.8% each working day for 24 working days and principal back

(3) Invest $5000-$24999, earn 2.0% each working day for 32 working days and principal back

(4) Invest $25000-$49999, earn 2.2% each working day for 40 working and principal back days

(5) Invest $50000-$149999, earn 2.4% each working day for 46 working days and principal back

Also, you can earn profitable referral commissions, because World Way Capital( provides up to 9 level referral commissions, totally 30% of referrals’ deposits.

For online promotion of World Way Capital(, you will not find many HYIP monitors or blogs which list this program. Maybe the admin has other good promotional methods, because HYIP monitors and blogs are not the only way for online promotion.

What’s more, you can find social accounts and phone number on their website to communicate with the operators or admin. If you are a HYIP promotional leader, you can negotiate with them to know more.

If you are a regular online investors and are looking for good investment programs, then why not choose World Way Capital( as one of your portfolios?

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