How to get “Promo-bonus” in

Prof Bet( has been online for less than one month till now and is still a young program. It mainly provides long term deposit plans and you can get 3%-5% on each calendar day for 110 days with principal included.

If you already read about its review in my past article, I think you must know that Prof Bet( provides “promo-bonus” to its investors which can help them to earn some extra money just with several clicks. Now in this article, I will show you how to apply for the bonus briefly.

Of course, such bonus is only for active members who already made a deposit. You can get a bonus from 3% to 5% of your deposit immediately after payment!

First, you should click the “Generate” button on homepage:

Prof Bet(

Then, you will see your promo code after click, just shown as below:

Prof Bet(

We can see that the bonus you will get is 5%, and the code is “5j6y9”. OK, now write your registered nickname, email address in the blanks and click the “submit” button to apply. Then you will receive your bonus within next 24 hours.

It is just so easy to apply for the promo bonus with only a few click, right? So don’t forget to do this. What’s more, in the interview of the admin, he promised that such bonus will always available in the future.

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