Review: Paying or not? is a high yield investment program which is not only profitable, but also risky. You can treat it as a gambling game online. It stared on 3rd Feb 2019. is a risky HYIP program and not monitored by us, so we don’t know whether it is paying or not.Check its payment status by yourself before investing.


Proledgr is an online investment plan that is based in UK. Proledgr provides you a risk free, easy and benefit reaping range of investment plans that allows you to chose from a range of currencies to invest in. Here at Proledgr we value the investments you make. Our expert team invests these amounts in global market and through this along with arbitraging we develop profits that is what you earn as your returns !! A guarantee of quality and scope of definite growth , Proledgr not only promises you returns but you can also withdraw your profits into your accounts hassle free . So why hesitate , Join Proledgr Now .. where your investments meet soaring returns.

A range of investment plan allowing investments in your choice of coin, guaranteeing security, good returns on your invested amount and instant withdrawals.

We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation. We will show the way to successive. (Change this to 🙂

Proledgr is the first ever online investment platform that allows you to invest in small amount in multiple payment methods with good growth rate and instant withdrawals!!

Proledgr….Where investments meets soaring returns!!

Investment Plans

(1) deposit 0.002-5 BTC, earn 3% each working day for 60 working days and principal included

(2) deposit 0.01-10 BTC, earn 5% each working day for 30 working days and principal included

(3) deposit 0.001-10 BTC, earn 200% after 30 calendar days

Referral System: 5%-2% of referrals’ deposit

Withdrawal Mode: Instantly

Payment Options: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

Whois information

Created on 2019-01-22

Expires on 2022-01-22

8 other sites hosted on this server 

Script: unknown


IMPORTTANT: Never invest what you can’t afford to lose in HYIP

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