Review: Do you think it can pay for 10 days? has been online since 12th August, it mainly provide short term investment plans. It has only been online for less than three days till now. Do you think it can pay for 10 days totally? I don’t think so.

Already scam, don’t invest!

From its website template, we can know that it is very simple. The most important is its investment plans and referral commissions. The lowest profit plan is “105% after 1 day”, together with 5% referral commissions, because most investors have an upline, then the daily net profit will be up to 10%. This is a risky percentage in HYIP projects.

What’s more, just ten minumtes ago, publish a new hourly investment plan “15% hourly for 10 hours”, minimum deposit amount is only $100. All old players know that such plans are nothing but traps for newbies.

So these are the main reason why can’t survive for a long time. Just stay away from it, or else you will lose your money.

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