Microsoft and two Chinese companies collaborate to develop a corporate blockchain platform to explore cross-industry technology applications

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According to a press release published by technology giant Microsoft, Microsoft’s Taiwan branch of China has entered into a partnership with China Binary Sale Technology Limited and Chengdu High Cloud, and will work together The enterprise blockchain development builds a platform.

It is reported that Microsoft will provide Azure cloud service platform to support the blockchain service of Digital China Sales Technology Co., Ltd. In addition, the three companies that “strongly join forces” want to focus on the Asia Pacific market and bring disruptive innovation to industries such as finance, e-commerce, and entertainment.

Sun Jikang, general manager of Microsoft China Taiwan Branch, stated that Microsoft Corporation has the ability to optimize and improve blockchain service security and operating speed of China Digital Sales Technology Co., Ltd. In addition, he also stressed the technological potential of China's Taiwan region, and believes that under the prevailing geographic conditions, the Taiwan region of China has built a solid foundation for manufacturing and R&D.

Sun Xiaotao is the founder of China Digital Sales Technology Co., Ltd. He pointed out that blockchain technology plays an important role in financial technology, commerce, science and many other industries. After this announcement of the cooperation with Microsoft, Sun Xiaotao also emphasized the requirements of the blockchain application in the combination of other technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), biometrics, and artificial intelligence.

In late May of this year, Taiwan and Taiwan established a special blockchain working group to promote the development of this technology. On May 14, Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank became the first privately held bank in Taiwan to deploy a blockchain payment system.

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