A series of meetings from 4 to 9 February by a Weenzee.com top leader

Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com) never makes you disappointed in their hot promotion worldwide. If you open their website, you will be surprised by their excellet promotion work. Just less than 24 hours ago, I saw a piece of news about a upcoming meeting in Indonesia, let’s see the original content:

WEENZEE does not stand still, project ideas spread throughout the world. We see more and more people willing to learn cryptographic technologies and develop the blockchain market. We invite such people to our project and guarantee them great prospects!

Many of our leaders work in Indonesia and want to train and help their fellow citizens achieve success. Representatives of WEENZEE travel around the cities and organize educational lectures for all comers. The leader Mr.Fachrurrozi is now in the city of Pontianak. He will tell you about unique earning strategies and share his work experience. Such knowledge you will receive only in WEENZEE! We are waiting for you: admission is free for everyone!

Basic information:

Date: 04 – 09 February 2019
Time: 14.00 – 21.00pm
Place: Meeting Point Resto & Cafe (Jl.Teuku Umar No.56 Pontianak)
Speaker: Mr.Fachrurrozi (+62 812-5088-3272)

So are you interested in their meeting? Just as write above, everyone can join it for free. The worldwide promotion of Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com) means that many investors are interested in this program and they trust it. On the other hand, such actions testify that Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com) team has strength financial statuses and overall abilities of operating investment programs.

So are you afraid of investing your $100 into Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com)? I think you can have a try to make money online if you never do it. Because the shortest deposit cycle is only 30 days and you can earn 0.65% daily during this period which is a very reasonable income for high yield investment programs.

I hope Weenzee LTD(Weenzee.com) can be better and better so that more and more investors will make money here. Welcome to share your opinion below in the comment box.


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