Review: 0.6-1.3% every weekday for lifetime is a brandly new HYIP project which provides a current investment plan and you can get back initial deposits any time you want. It started on 18th Feb 2020. Admin bought Standard listing on my website on 21st Feb 2020, and two days later, he upgraded into Premium listing. My first withdrawal request was processed successfully into BTC wallet two hours ago. Now let me introduce it to you.

Started: 2020-02-18

Investment Plans

The minimum deposit amount is $10, and you can earn 0.6-1.3% daily for lifetime. What’s more, you can withdraw the initial deposit and daily profits at any time with a small amount of fees. provides compounding functions for investors, and it can help your income grow faster than ever before. This is a great function for investment, because it can give you more earnings if you don’t want to submit or ignore daily withdrawals, at the same time, both your initial deposits and profits will not be locked at all.

For example, if you deposit $100, and you earn $1 next day. Then your total investment will be $101 tomorrow. However, you can withdraw any amount from the $101 without any restrictions.

Referral Commissions provides unlimited referral commissions for promoters, it is 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 0.5%…0.5%…

If your deposit amount is less than 0.22 BTC, you’ll be a Beginner member. As a starting point, you can enjoy 2 levels commissions from your team members.

If your deposit amount is between 0.22 and 0.85 BTC, and your team is no less than 2 members, you’ll be a BRONZE member to earn 3 levels commissions from your team members.

When your deposit amount goes between 0.85 and 2.35 BTC, and your team is no less than 4 members, you’ll be a SILVER member to earn 4 levels commissions from your team members.

When your deposit amount reach the range of 2.35 and 3.85 BTC, and your team is no less than 10 members, you’ll be a GOLD member to earn 5 levels commissions from your team members.

When your deposit amount reach the range of 3.85 and 6.41 BTC, and your team is no less than 20 members, you’ll be a PLATINUM member to earn 6 levels commissions from your team members.

To become our ULTIMATE member, you need to deposit no less than 6.41 BTC, and your team is no less than 40 members. Then you can be a ULTIMATE member to earn unlimited commissions from your members!

The system will automatically upgrade or downgrade your status depending on the amount of your own deposits and the number of team members.

But remember that don’t try to create more than one account, which will result in the account being banned! In order to avoid loss, a user should only create one account!

Bounty Plan

Bounty Plans are limited to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blog. As long as it meets the requirements, you can start promoting at any time and anywhere. You can choose one or more to promote for bounty.

The account that publishes promotion information must be a common account,the temporarily registered account will not be recognized,the registration time of the account will be no less than three months,at the same time, the followers will be no less than 1500. After three days of publication, you can send an email application for a bounty as following. Please note,emails not written as required will be ignored:

  1. Title is “bounty plan” 
  2. Attach your login account 
  3. Link of the promotion content 
  4. Your BTC address

For more details, you can see the rules on bounty page of their website. I must say that it is very profitable and open to all participants, investing or not.

Payment Options accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and Ripple.

Withdrawal Type

Withdrawal needs the confirmation of administrator, and will be usually completed within 24 hours on working days. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0006 BTC. After submitting withdrawal requests, you will receive a confirmation link into your email box, and don’t forget to click the link to confirm your withdrawal. There is a small fee for withdrawal actions, and you can see it when you type in the withdrawal amount.

More information designs an original template for its website, and supports more than 10 languages now. You can find some review videos on its homepage, so don’t ignore them if you are interested in this project, it will help you know more clearly about For the recent transaction statistics, it can give you confidence that the project is really paying currently. If you have more questions, you can communicate with their support directly through the online chat box at the bottom of their website.

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