withdrwal problem begins to happen. Is it going to scam?

Luxearn( is a HYIP program that provided long term investment plans. It has been online since 21st Sep 2015. Today I found that some HYIP investors in MMGP forum reported that Luxearn( had problems and their withdrawals were not processed. The content is as follows:

Hello. The project does not pay. rather large sums. I have $ 1522 since December 23rd. my dresser also has $ 1500 hanging from December 23rd. $ 22 paid him. He concluded $ 1500 and $ 22. there are also people with whom they personally spoke to check for small sums they came. I wrote to TP on this occasion, they said that they would pay until 2.01.19. when asked why small amounts are paid and the big ones don’t say the type is that with daily payments it’s simpler than the type there everything is verified and here the closing of the deposit should be checked more carefully. although my suggestion made a withdrawal of $ 1500 and $ 22. $ 22 he came to them that type it was easier to check than $ 1500? they never answered this question. There is a payment history screen with the date and the fact that he still has not paid. but I do not know how to throw him here.

Luxearn( is currently online for 1195 days, and I am not sure how long it will take before completely closure, because small amount withdrawal is still in normal payment currently. In fact, this situation is very common, even in the best HYIP program just like Luxearn(, it is not the first case in the past. The problem of large amount of withdrawals is called selective payout in hyip industry. Therefore, never forget to invest hyip program only with small amount of money.

In the last I want to say that when investing in HYIP projects during Christmas, you must be cautious, especially when investing in HYIP projects that have survived for dozens of days or hundreds of days, because there are some old projects will scam during this period.


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