Review: Earn 1.5%-1.7% daily for 180 days

LUMINEX TRADING LTD( is a hyip program provides long term investment plans, daily profit up to 1.5%-1.7%. It was officially launched on November 28, 2018 and has been online about 45 days when I wrote its review.

Already scam, don’t invest!

First of all, let’s see the investment plans of LUMINEX TRADING LTD( The minimum investment amount that the user can choose is 0.002 bitcoin or the corresponding US dollar(about ten dollars), you will get 1.5% on each calendar day for 180 days, the principal will not be returned after the investment cycle ends; of course, as the investment amount increased, the daily profit ratio will also increase, if your investment amount exceeds 1000 US dollars, then daily profit will reach up to 1.7%, the investment cycle is also 180 days without returning principal.

For example, if you invest 500 dollars into LUMINEX TRADING LTD(, you will get a profit of 7.5 US dollars every day from Monday to Sunday. The profit can be withdrawn at any time, you can also reinvest if the amount reaches the minimum investment amount required by the system. The total profit is 1,350 US dollars at the end, excluding the principal of $500, the net profit will be 850 US dollars.

Investors of LUMINEX TRADING LTD( can participate in the project through PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

LUMINEX TRADING LTD ( offers four levels of referral commissions to ordinary investors. It is 5%, 3%, 1% and 1% respectively. The project also has a representative program. If you have rich investment experience and are good at developing the market, you can apply to become a representative and enjoy the five-level referral commissions of 7%, 5%, 3%, 1% and 1% respectively.

LUMINEX TRADING LTD( looks good from the website production. As for how long it can survive, it depends on the financial strength and experience of the webmaster and the environment in which the whole hyip industry is located. If you have any opinion on the project, Welcome to comment below.

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  1. 据部分玩家反映,Luminex的提现已超24小时未到账,以前基本都是24小时之内,应该已经倒闭,不要继续投资这个项目了。

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