Leonard.club Review: earn 7%-9% daily for 30 days and principal included

Leonard.club is an HYIP project which provides medium term investment plans. It started on 28th Oct 2019 and was just online for 7 days till now. Admin bought Premium listing and 1920px top banner on my website yesterday. My first two withdrawals were processed successfully into my Payeer and BTC wallet. Now let’s see the details of this program.

Already scam, don’t invest!

Investment Plans

  1. Deposit 0.001-0.2499 BTC, earn 7% daily for 30 days and principal included
  2. Deposit 0.25-2.499 BTC, earn 8% daily for 30 days and principal included
  3. Deposit 2.5-50 BTC, earn 9% daily for 30 days and principal included
  4. Deposit 0.1-20 BTC, earn 300% after 30 days totally

These are all the plans Leonard.club offers. I only suggest investors to choose the “daily” plan, such as the first, second and third plans, so you can withdraw your profit daily. As for the “after” plan, I never invest myself, nor do I suggest it to you. What’s more, I think you should only invest with your spare money and don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose in all HYIP projects, it is a matter of good habit. Habit is more important than skills in any industry, including HYIP.

Referral Commissions

Leonard.club offers a three-tier referral commissions, it is 6%, 2% and 1%. If you join under my link, then welcome to submit your RCB request from top menu of my website. You will get back 6% of your deposit amount as long as admin processes my withdrawal request of ref commissions.

Payment Options

You can choose PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin or Dash as payment options.

Withdrawal Type

The maximum waiting time may be up to 48 hours from the time of request. However, the admin will strive to send withdrawals as quickly as possible, my last two withdrawals were all processed within 12 hours. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC and there is no maximum limit.

More Information

Leonard.club runs its website on an originally and beautifully designed template. With its full black background, you can feel the professionalism of it. I think the template costs more money than most HYIP projects.

Admin also registered EVSSL and UK company certificates to ensure the safety browse for its investors. The Company No is 12060589 and company name is “LEONARD CLUB LTD” which can be checked from UK Companieshouse.

You will find a Youtube video review on its homepage. At the same time, Leonard.club provides other video tutorials, such as “how to deposit” and “how to register”. You will find its Youtube channel at the bottom of its website. Hope such videos will help investors who are not familiar with the operations.

Leonard.club also registered some social accounts to keep the latest updates, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram. If you are interested in this project, just follow them.

So from what I wrote above, we can see that Leonard.club is professional enough in this industry, hope it will not let us down. If you have further questions and need to communicate with the admin, don’t forget the online chat box at bottom right corner of their website.

Read More: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/109.html

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