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Hello, dear HYIP investors. Two weeks ago, I send an interview questionnaire to the admin, regarding some questions about his program and himself. These are his answers below. I think it will be beneficial for you to analyse this program.

Already scam, don’t invest!

1. Hello, admin. Please introduce yourself to my readers. For example, how old are you? Which country do you live in? When did you start to run HYIP programs?

Hello to all readers of this popular blog, which increases public awareness of investment and earnings online. I’m very glad that the opportunity has appeared to tell all of you about our work and to acquaint you with the company, thanks for that.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is David, I am the chief administrator of the project, its ideological inspirer, let’s say the brain of whole Tophats Farms investment direction. I note right away that I am not involved in the company’s business processes – building incubators, raising chickens, sales etc, – but my role is no less important since I cover all the financial costs related to it. This allows us to quickly increase the pace of production and establish uninterrupted earnings. I’m 35 years old and I live in Netherlands, here is our large production unit and also back-office, which is occupied by the customer support team. This experience – I mean the experience of organizing an investment project – is my very first one, but I have a degree in finance and business administration and more than 10 years led sales in a large European company. As far as you could pay attention to successful development of Tophats Farms, the lack of experience did not negatively affect our work. Our team is learning but already knows how to avoid more or less annoying mistakes.

2. How many shareholders or operators in Tophats Farms LTD? And what is your role or work in this program?

The basis of any company is people who participate in its life and development. Tophats Farms team is large enough, since the process of growing chickens is quite laborious and requires participation at all stages. As far as I know, the company employs over 500 people for now. Directly in the investment direction employed about 10 people. This is a web developer who sets up payment functionality and makes website work smoothly, several financial managers who distribute funds for uninterrupted payments, customer support agents who answer customer issues, SEO specialists for promotion and advertisement, and finally, me, who leads the process chain. Such united collective of specialists is able to work smoothly and highly productive.

3. Can you tell us something about the background of Tophats Farms LTD? For example, why did you name it Tophats Farms LTD? When did you start to prepare the work of this program and when did it started online?

I will tell you a little about the company, so that you have a grasp with whom you cooperate. I’d like to start by saying that this is a family business, which was founded in 1995. Having set a goal to sign the contract with a small chain of eateries in the south of Great Britain, the founder and sole owner – Mr. Jack Beasley – built the first incubator in the garage of his house, and the second one in a month in the garage of his wife’s parents. For several years, they managed to cover all the needs of buyers. In the 2000s, Tophats Farms had some luck in the form of a large bank loan, which allowed owners to build a full-fledged poultry factory and reach the national British level.

Over the next 15 years, the company has been growing and developing, today we have dozens of major partners throughout Europe and supply eggs and chickens to thousands shops and restaurants. Last year, it has been decided to enter the investment market, which will allow us potential development in North America in the future. Thus, in November 2018, our web platform saw the world.

As for the company name, it is associated with the owner’s favorite breed of chicken – Top Hat. Mr. Beasley grows these chickens all his life and even won prizes for his accomplishments in some kinds of competitions.

4. Please give us a brief introduction of the investment plans in Tophats Farms LTD.

This is my favorite topic of conversation. If you only knew how long we agreed this investment strategy between team members! We scrutinized the market, were acquainted with hundreds of similar projects to make the best offer for clients. Above all, we wanted you to have a profit every day, because our business is not stay on the same place, but really works 24/7! This instills confidence for our investors, because it’s so great to check your account day after day and see how the balance grows. Right now, we have three main investment plans: 7% daily for 22 days, 5% daily for 30 days and 3% daily for 50 days – you can choose any strategy that suits you depending on the size of your deposit. Besides, for active investors we offer a Booster plan, the ability to increase your income to 110% in 5 days. Experience has shown that many investors use this plan. Our investments are available to everyone, because you can even start with $10. It is possible that we will add another investment plan, and perhaps even a package of plans – it depends on how convincing investors are, since we receive letters every day with suggestions and recommendations on how to make the project even more attractive.

5. What is your referral commissions? Can I earn referral commissions without investment?

Affiliate program is an integral part of our business proposal. I believe that personal experience and the ability to earn extras are a huge incentive to attract new clients. People talk about our opportunities to their friends, relatives and colleagues. Such advertising effectively works like no any other. Obviously, we encourage for every new clients that you or your referrals have brought to us. Our affiliate program has a couple of features. First of all, it has 4 tiers, i.e. you continue to earn if your referrals are actively attracting investment. To earn you do not even need to have your own deposit – this is a great chance to start earning without investing anything. In addition to the usual referral commission, we also offer active investors with deposit of more than $500 to become our representative and increase the remuneration for direct referrals to 15%. Now we have about 50 representatives in a dozen countries. Detailed terms of the affiliate program, as well as a list of representatives is on our website in the “Partners” section.

6. Are the withdrawal requests processed manually or instantly? Do you charge any fees for this operation?

We position our website as an automatic platform for earnings, that’s why all the processes within the project are instant. As soon as you have created a withdrawal request, the money is instantly sent to your e-wallet. Of course, we don’t have any additional commissions, including hidden fees – you get exactly the amount you ordered. I hope you are not against such a rule 🙂

7. Is your website build on Goldcoders script or customized script?

Yes, we have Goldcoders license for our website. However, as you may have noticed, the site’s functionality is slightly different from the classic script – this is thanks to our web developer. We are constantly refining and improving our website – you can make sure of it when you use it.

8. I saw there is a translation button on right corner of your website, but only with English. Do you plan to add new languages? And when do you plan to add?

This is part of our development strategy. Now we are studying the target audience and analyzing the geography of our users. Answering your question, yes, we will add other languages ​​for sure. The English version was created because the company hails from the United Kingdom; besides, this language is universal and understandable in almost every country. Stay tuned, maybe very soon we will announce the translation of the platform. You can also write to us, which language would be preferable for you – we will listen to your advice. Besides, if among our users there are people who are ready to help adapt the site for the audience of their country, we will be happy to cooperate and of course we will pay for their work. Contact us if you are the right person!

9. I saw the Facebook link is still blank on your website, when will it be available?

Social media is a very important part of our work to develop communication channels. We are already in the process of refining the Facebook page, which will be both the company’s news feed and a channel for customer feedback. I also hope that our investors will share their payments data there to motivate new customers to join our offer. Facebook page will be available just about soon, later we will also add Fb group as investors’ forum. Stay with us and watch for updates!

10. How long will Tophats Farms LTD continue to pay?

We will pay our investors while the company is actively working in the market. To date, there are no prerequisites for thinking that the closure will happen soon, because we are only in the initial stage. I am sure that there is more than one year of fruitful work ahead, and it is possible that we will meet more than once on the pages of this blog. The company’s business plan includes stages up to the year 2028, so let’s cross our fingers that everything will be ok.

11. Can you give us some screenshots of the balance on your currency accounts? Such as PerfectMoney, Bitcoin and other payment options you use currently. Of course, this question is optional to answer, but I think most investors are interested in this.

I would gladly show all the data, but in the era of cybercrime this is fraught with many problems – the risk is not my prerogative. There is no point in posting any screenshots in order to be afraid for money lose. Notice, not the company’s money, but your investment, first and foremost. I will not put this business at risk, so I must refuse, unfortunately. You can check the current statistics on the website at any time, as well as recent deposit and payment data are available there in real time – I hope this is enough to “close the book”. Our activity is transparent and we do not hide anything.

12. Can you leave your contact information here? I think it will be convenient for my readers to contact with you.

It makes no sense to leave my personal contact information since it can become a target for spammers – I would not really like to give up my email or phone. However, I can assure you that you can use any contact details on the website in the “Help” section, the message marked “For David” will be sent to me personally. I will be glad to answer your questions!

Many thanks again for the opportunity to talk with your readers and answer questions! We are waiting for you on our website and are ready to offer the best investment service!

This program has already closed, don’t invest any more.

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