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Prof Bet( has been online since Jan 24, 2019. It provides long term investment plans. Several days ago, I send a interview to the admin. Now we can see his excellent answers to us and know more about it.

Already scam, don’t invest!

1.Hello, admin. Please introduce yourself to my readers. For example, your name? how old are you? Which country do you live in? When did you start to participate in HYIP industry?

Hello! My name is Stephan, I am 36 years old, I live in Munich. Actually this is the first experience in the HYIP industry. In general, we do not consider ourselves a HYIP game or any kind of pyramid – we are experienced cappers and the main task of the project is to sell forecasts and increase the popularity and credibility of the team.

2.How many shareholders or operators in Prof Bet? And what is your role or work in this program?

There are 12 of us in total – 11 professional analysts and 1 programmer, who actually offered the possibility of investing on our platform.

3.Can you tell us something about the background of Prof Bet? For example, why did you name it Prof Bet? When did you start to prepare the work of this program and when did it start online?

We are fans of football, familiar to families for over 10 years. Personally, my turnover in the betting office during this time is more than 3 million, with the other guys about the same. Recently, we noticed a similar site and decided that we can do more. They sat down, discussed, found a person who will help us bring our ideas to life and began to work.

4.Please give us a brief introduction of the investment plans in Prof Bet.

1) Plan “Player”

Daily yield: 3%.Minimum deposit: $ 10.Maximum deposit: $ 1000.Net profit: 230%.Exit to breakeven: after 34 days.

2) Plan “Coach”

Daily yield: 4%.Minimum deposit: $ 1001.Maximum deposit: $ 5000.Net income: 340%.Exit to breakeven: after 25 days.

3) Plan “President”

Daily yield: 5%.Minimum deposit: $ 5001.Maximum deposit: $ 25,000.Net profit: 450%.Exit to breakeven: after 20 days.

4) Subscription to paid forecasts from our team.Cost: $ 100.Validity: 7 days.

5.What is your referral commissions? Can I earn referral commissions without investment?

We have connected a three-level affiliate program – 7% / 3% / 1%. Yes, you can earn referral without open a deposit.

6.Are the withdrawal requests processed manually or instantly? What is the minimum amount for withdrawal? Do you charge any fees for this operation?

All payments are processed automatically and instantly. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 0.01, 0.001 BTC, and from $ 18 on bank cards, we pay the percentage for withdrawals.

(Note: from 18th Feb, withdrawal processed manually, not instant any more)

7.Is your website build on Goldcoders script or customized script?

The site is built on a licensed script Goldcoders.

8.I saw there is video link on your homepage, but it seems that it is still under construction. Will you add the video in the future? And when do you plan to add?

Yes, the video will be added within a week.

9.We know that your program is about sport bet. Then do you usually bet in sports before?

Absolutely right. We regularly bet on football matches, as we said before, we have been doing this for about 10 years.

10.I saw there is a “PROMO-BONUS” function on your homepage. Will this bonus function available always? Or it will only be available for a certain period?

The function will always be available for each new deposit.

11.How long do you think Prof Bet will continue to pay?

Not quite clear question for me. The team is doing well, we have invested a lot of time and money in the creation and development of the project, people trust us, buy subscriptions and invest in our common bank, which we successfully increase. Perhaps in the future we will increase the cost of the subscription and change or add new investment plans. In general, to close and grieve ourselves and people are not in our plans, we are doing everything possible to be the first!

12.Can you explain how “subscription plan” will help us to make money if we invest? Because it is rare to see such a paid service in HYIP industry. For example, if investor deposits $100, can he get back his money? Or how much profit can he earn?

When buying a subscription, you get 7-12 predictions per week for various sporting events with a odds of 2.5 to 8 and a chance to pass more than 75%. You do not need to be a great mathematician to calculate the possible profit by putting 10% of the bank. Even in case of failures, you can increase your bank more than 2 times. On our site there are articles about the rules of betting and the key to success in this matter.

These are the interview questions and answers from Stephan who is Prof Bet( admin. Stephan is honest because he told us the truth that this is the first time for his team to run investment programs online. I hope his program can run for a long time and make profits for his investors. If you want to know more, you can read my former article about Review. Of course, I will publish more articles about this project in the future weeks, and welcome to pay your attention to it.

This program has already closed, don’t invest any more.

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