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Armotrade( is a HYIP project which provide short term investment plans, because you can withdraw your principal back anytime you want. Two days ago, I submitted a brief interview to the admin with 11 questions, and these are his answers below.

Already scam, don’t invest!

1. Hello, admin. Please introduce yourself to my readers. For example, 
your name? how old are you? Which country do you live in? When did you start to run HYIP programs?

Hello, I am a member of the Armotrade support team. You could call me Tom, I live in UK. Armotrade started in the summer of 2018.

2. How many shareholders or operators in Armo Trade? And what is your role or work in this program?

At the moment there are 4 support team members, 3 payment operators, 2 
people in security, 2 coders here.

3. Can you tell us something about the background of Armo Trade? For 
example, why did you name it Armo Trade?

Armotrade’s name is from the company name – Armo Services Ltd.

4. When did you start to prepare the work of this program and when did it start online?

Armotrade started to prepare its work in the spring of 2018.

5. Please give us a brief introduction of the investment plans in Armo 

It is only one, very simple investment plan. 1% of customer’s amount per 

6. Are the withdrawal requests processed manually or instantly? Do you charge any fees for withdrawal?

All the withdrawal requests processed manually. We precess withdrawal 
requests every 15-20 minutes, as soon as the “pool of requests” 
accumulates. No any fees here, just commission of the Bitcoin net (5% 
but no more than 5 USD) only when customer prefer to use Bitcoin.

7. Is your website build on Goldcoders script or customized script?

No any Goldcoders script or any other public scripts. Armotrade uses 
it’s own soft.

8. How long will Armo Trade continue to pay online do you think?

Armotrade will continue to work while it’s customers will remain.

9. Can you give us some screenshots of the balance on your currency 
accounts? Such as PerfectMoney, Bitcoin and other payment options you use currently. Of course, this question is optional to answer, but I 
think most investors are interested in this.

Sorry, all the statistic we can show is only here: Any other information is not allowed to 
show, because we work according to the our Agreement. Just imagine thet 
you opened a bank account, but every person could check your balance. 
How do you like it?

10. Are the same admin of Because I remember that your program is very same like that.

Sorry, I do not know what is

11. Do you have something else to replenish this interview? Such as 
something about Armo Trade or your team members?

Never invest in a project if you have even the slightest doubt in its 
honesty. And never invest more than what it would be painful for you to 

Armotrade( admin answers the questions concisely. I think it will be a good reference to HYIP investors who are interested in this program. If you need to know more about it, you can see my past review of

This program has already closed, don’t invest any more.

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  1. Thank you for your interview, although the admin is silent , I hope armotrade will be better and better.

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