iic-project.com Review: 2%-5% daily for lifetime

Hello, dear HYIP investors. In this article, I will introduce a HYIP project called iic-project.com which started on 22nd Feb 2020. It mainly provides current investment plans, and you can release your initial deposits anytime after 24 hours with a small fee. Now let’s see the details.

Already scam, don’t invest!

Started: 22nd Feb 2020

Investment Plans

  1. Minimum deposit $10, earn 2% each calendar day for unlimited period
  2. Minimum deposit $30, earn 2.8% each calendar day for unlimited period
  3. Minimum deposit $50, earn 3.6% each calendar day for unlimited period
  4. Minimum deposit $200, earn 5% each calendar day for unlimited period

These are all the investment plans iic-project.com provides. Your initial deposits is available for withdrawal after 24 hours with 8% fee, so it is very convenient for investors when they are in a hurry to spend money.

For example, if you deposit $100 in the third plan, then you can earn $3.6 every day for lifetime. After 30 days, you can withdraw totally $108, of course, you can continue to make money as long as you don’t release your deposits.

Referral Commissionc

If you want to earn extra money, then you can join their referral system, because iic-project.com provides a 2-tier commissions which is 4% and 2%.

Payment Options

Currently, iic-project.com accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin.Maybe Ethereum and Litecoin will be also accepts in the future, because we can see the thumbnail at the bottom of their website.

Withdrawal Type

Your withdrawal requests will be processed instantly. Minimum withdrawal amount is $0.5 for PerfectMoney and Payeer. For Bitcoin, it is 10 dollars at the exchange rate of coinmarketcap.

Other Information

Iic-project.com designes an original template for its website which look beautifully and professionally. It supports 3 languages now, but I will more languages will be added in the near future, because it is just the beginning for iic-project.com. Their IP address is and hosted on a dedicated server.

If you are interested in this project or already joined, then don’t forget to follow their Telegram channel to keep up with the latest news.

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