Website slowdown of Variobit.com

VIP Posted on 2018-07-03

Hello, dear HYIP investors. In This article, I will write something about Variobit(Variobit.com), which is a program lasting for more than a year already. During the last days, most investors are paid regularly, especially for some very huge invesments such as...

Be careful with high return HYIP programs

VIP Posted on 2018-06-30

In this article, I will expose a trap in HYIP industry which new comers may step into. Just as the title said, the problem is spearheaded at high return  HYIP programs, they always provide investment plans like “500% afte one day”, “800% afte...

My Principal Included or Back?

VIP Posted on 2018-06-01

Good afternoon, dear HYIP readers. This article is about one thing in HYIP: “Whether my principal will be back when investment expires?” Well, this article is mainly for HYIP new players, so if you already know how to distinguish this issue, then y...