Hooplex.com deposit and withdrawal graphic tutorial

Hooplex (Hooplex.com) has been online for only 15 days till now. The shortest cycle for you to break even is only 30 days. Compared with other HYIP programs, there is something different in the deposit and withdrawal procedures. So in this article, I will make a graphic tutorial for such operations.

First, let’s see the investment procedure. Because Hooplex (Hooplex.com) has its own internal coin which is called “LXR”, so you should buy LXR first, one LXR equals to one dollar. Because this is a tutorial, so I will only deposit $50 from PerfectMoney.

Go to “My score” page and choose “USD” option, then type into 50 and click the “deposit” button to pay from PerfectMoney, just as two pictures below:

Hooplex (Hooplex.com)
Hooplex deposit

After payment, we will have $50 in our balance(I have 1.75 LXR before in my balance):

Then go to “Portfolio” page, type into 50 and choose investment plan, such as the 30 days plan. Finanlly, click the “Make portfolio” button to complete investment:

hooplex investment

Now let’s see the withdrawal tutorial. Go to the “Portfolio” page, type into the amount and click the “send to account” button, so the money will go to your balance:

hooplex withdrawal

Then go to “my score” page. Type into the withdrawal amount and click the “withdraw” button to complete operations below:

Although there is a little difference from other HYIP programs. But it is still very easy after you see my graphic tutorial, right? I am glad I can help you. If you have any questions, please comment below.


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