Highfinex.com scamed faster than hyip investors thought

Highfinex (Highfinex.com) is a hyip program which provides short term investment plans which we like to call it daily plans. It has been on the market since January 5th, but scamed only after 3 days online. Its plans are listed below:

(1) 102%-135% after 1 day

(2) 112%-515% after 5 days

(3) 130%-770% after 10 days

The deposit plans of Highfinex(Highfinex.com) is very normal, right? Of course, I think all investors agree with this. Also, it gave only one level referral commissions which is 5%. About the script? It is genuine Goldcoders script. Yes, everything is regular in this hyip program.

But if you pay more attention to its promotion cost, you will see that admin only spend a little money on its promotion on hyip monitors. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Highfinex(Highfinex.com) scams so fast. As an old hyip investor or admin, you should know if planing to run a good HYIP program, they you should have enough money to support it for longer life and promotion in the early stage. If Highfinex(Highfinex.com) is only an admin who opened hyip investment website the first time, after three days, he didn’t see much money pour into his program, then he is disappointed. Finally the program was closed. This can be the reason of its quickly closure because I met several such newbie admins before.

When Highfinex(Highfinex.com) stopped paying, its website also closed directly. Such phenomenon is rare, because in most conditions, their websites can still open even if they don’t pay. So for Highfinex(Highfinex.com), I think maybe it is closed by hosting provider because of posing as a real company. I know a friend, he opened an ICO program, but he used the name of a real commpany, then the real company tell the hosting provider and my friend’s website was closed instantly by the hosting.

So no matter which condition it is, Highfinex(Highfinex.com) already scams with its 3-day life period which is such a short time. So just be cautious when decide to invest in hyip industry.

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