added Spanish language launched on Mar 03rd 2019 and mainly provide medium term investment plans and the shortest cycle is only 15 days. Till now, it pays online already for 30 days. You can see its investment first if this is the first time you know this program:

(1) Deposit 20-100000 dollars, earn 4% on each business day for 38 business days and principal included, totally get back 152%.

(2) Deposit 20-100000 dollars, earn 115% after 15 calendar days.

Yesterday, added Spanish language which is the second language of its website. This is the original official newsletter:

We try to make our service more convenient for users from all over the world. In this regard, our site has been translated into Spanish. In the future Forest 4 will be translated into other languages. Thank you for being with us.

So, up to now, accepts both English and Spanish. But I think this is not the end, and more languages will be added in the future.

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