Fast scam HYIP project:

Yesterday, several HYIP monitor admins reported a fast scam HYIP project called It only paid for 4 days and all investors lost their principal. This program provides hourly profit investment plans below:

(1) Deposit 10-500 dollars, get 0.17% hourly(4% daily) for 50 days and principal included

(2) Deposit 501-1000 dollars, get 0.2% hourly(4.8% daily) for 40 days and principal included

(3) Deposit 1001-10000 dollars, get 0.17% hourly(6% daily) for 50 days and principal included

According to its plans, we can know that even the earliest investors can only get back 16% of their principals. I am sorry to see this.

From its website, we can know that there is even no company certificate which is a necessary for almost all HYIP projects, although the company certificate is very cheap, especially UK company certificate which only cost less than $100.

Its website can’t open for more than 5 hours yesterday. I don’t know whether it is DDOS attacked or not. I left message to admin both on Facebook and Telegram, but there is no reply at all till now and he even didn’t see my messages.

No matter what the reason is, already scamed for sure. The admin is a newbie I think, and needs time to learn more experience about how to run HYIPs. Hope his/her program will be better in the future.

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