Edrcoin.cash Review: earn 1% daily for 49 days

Edrc(Edrcoin.cash) is a HYIP program which provides medium investment plans. It has been online since 24th April 2018. The shortest investment cyle is only 14 days. Now let me introduce it in details.

Investment Plans

(1) Minimum deposit $1, get 0.65% each calendar day for 14 days and principal back in the end

(2) Minimum deposit $1, get 1% each calendar day for 49 days and principal back in the end

Let me take the second plan for example, as you can earn more profit in this plan than the first one. If you invest $100, then you will get $1 per day during the next 49 days, you can withraw the daily profit any time you want, after 49 days, you will earn $49 profit with your principal back to your account balance, you can choose to reinvest or withdrawal your principal.

Referral Commissons

Edrc(Edrcoin.cash) provides a three-level referral system. You can earn 5%, 2% and 1% from referrals’ deposits. For example, if your first level members deposit $1000, then you will earn $50 on your balance, it is free to reinvest or withdraw. At the same time, you can also earn 2% from second level referrals’ deposit and 1% from third level referrals’ deposit. To earn such profitable commissions, you don’t even need to deposit by yourself.

If you register and deposit from the link, I can give 5% of your investment amount back to you which is 100% RCB. That is to say, if you deposit $100, then I will give $5 back to you. So don’t forget to send me an email within 24 hours since your investment. The email should include the program name, your username, your investment amount and your personal wallet to receive my referral commissions.

Payment Options

Edrc(Edrcoin.cash) accepts PerfectMoney and Edrcoin. Edrcoin is a real crypto currency. In this program, you can convert these two currencies at any time you want with the real time exchange rates. You can find the convert button in your backoffice below:

Also, this is the PerfectMoney account information below:

Withdrawal Mode

Edrc(Edrcoin.cash) processes investors’ withdrawal requests within 72 hours after your submission. But usually, it will be processed within maximum 24 hours. The minimum withdrawal amount is only $1. If you withdrawal to PerfectMoney, then 2% withdrawal fee will be deducted. For example, if you withdraw $100, then you will get $98 on your wallet. But for Edrcoin, there is no withdrawal fee at all, so if you are used to crypto currency, then you can deposit and withdraw through Edrcoin.

Edrc(Edrcoin.cash) has been online for nearly 300 days till now. And it already completes more than 20 cycles for the first plan, so mostly investors are in profit currently. If you are interested in crypto investment, you can have a look at Edrc(Edrcoin.cash), it will be in your tastes. If you are a Edrcoin holder and want to sell some coins, Yobit exchange will provide you with a chance to sell Edrcoin to any popular crypto currencies, such BTC, LTC, ETH and so on.

updates about Edrcoin.cash

2018-06-20: Earn free EDRC quickly, this is the original news:

First, we already purchased 600 thousand EDRC and will lock them for 2 year. This is our official wallet: Ede9Bah4yKGmYo6ymdLEBC7nwNK6giyz6

Second, we will start our new airdrop and the totally amount is 100 thousand EDRC. If you want to get EDRC free, you need to do these:

-Join our telegram group: https://t.me/edrcoingroup or wechat group(coinsupport)

-send your username or EDRC wallet to our administrator

Everyone can get 10 EDRC, if your referrals meet up the needs of airdrop, you will earn another 5 EDRC each referral.

Our airdrop wallet: egNhNdRVb4fA2zpyevBnbKKnrkbsELevuD

2018-07-26: New exchange platform added

Dear clients:

Today we have a great news to share with you.

EDRCoin will list on new exchange www.lb.world!

At the same time, we start new airdrop!

After you registe on www.lb.world, add our wechat support: coinsupport,

Send your LB ID and deposit adress, you will get 10 coins.

If you deposit more than 1000 RMB, you can get anthor 50 coin.

EDRCoin Team

2018-09-09: Deposit and withdrawal mechanism changed

From today, investors can only deposit from PerfectMoney and withdraw daily profit to EDRC wallet. You should convert the PerfectMoney dollars into EDRC before withdrawals.

2019-04-22: Deposit and withdrawal mechanism changed

Hello everyone we have good update this week, for new plan, we will remove the converter and add direct investment with edrc coin and get profit with usd ، and you can withraw your profit with perfect money, this update will be done in 7 days. PS: The website will stay ON and working normal happy earning evrey one edrcoin.cash

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  1. Withdrawal processed within 12 hours, thanks admin:

    The amount of 7.84 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13128637->U3869878. Date: 07:39 11.02.19. Batch: 246075448

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