Review: earn 200% after 200 hours is brand new HYIP project which started on 23rd Jan 2020, already 11 days online till now. It only provides one deposit plan, which makes your initial deposit doubled after 200 hours. The admin bought Premium listing on my website two days ago. Now let me show you the detailed information about it.

Started: 23rd Jan 2020

My deposit: 0.0533 BTC

Investment Plans: The minimum deposit amount is 0.001 BTC, you can earn 200% after 200 hours

To make a deposit, first, you need to start with your BTC wallet address where you want your payouts to go on their homepage, that is to say, the registration only needs your personal BTC wallet. Second, you will get a BTC wallet address to which you have to send your coins, and it can be seen after you login with your BTC wallet address. Third you have to wait 200 hours after 3 confirmations of your amount and you will get your coins doubled.

Referral Commissions: 5%-3%-1% provides a 3-tier referral commissions which is 5%, 3% and 1%. You can find your invitation link at the bottom of your panel when login with your BTC wallet address. If you join through my invitation link below, then welcome to submit your RCB request within 24 hours since your deposits, I will give back 5% of your investment amount.

Payment Options: Bitcoin

Withdrawal Type: Automatic payout

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC without any fee, and you don’t have to wait. Once your balance reaches this amount, the money will be transferred to your BTC wallet immediately.

Other information is a fully automated Bitcoin doubler platform operating with no human intervention, aside from regular server maintenance conducted by their staff. Anyone, from all over the world can become an investor and take part. It runs its website on an originally and briefly designed template. You should keep in mind that once you set your payout wallet, its not changeable for the future, so please be sure to use a trusted wallet provider.

There are 128 hours left before my deposit doubled, I will share the payout info on comment box below when I receive the money in the future. If you already get your money doubled, then welcome to post your payment proof below.

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  1. 0.1066BTC withdrawal received automatically today, doubled my deposit, thanks admin for big profit:

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