Did you invest Crowdlending.live?

Crowdlending.live has been online since 11th Feb 2019. Did you invest in it? If not, then congratulate, you saved your money. Because this program only paid for 5 days online and almost all investors lost their money. It provides attractive investment plans, just see them below:

(1) Minimum deposit $10, earn 21.85% daily for 5 days and principal included

(2) Minimum deposit $10, earn 12.2% daily for 10 days and principal included

(3) Minimum deposit $10, earn 9.3% daily for 15 days and principal included

(4) Minimum deposit $10, earn 160% after 20 days

Now we try to open crowdlending.live in your browser, it only shows this:


Yes, the script was even deleted by crowdlending.live admin. He used H-script for his program.

I know several investors who deposit in this program, but unfortunately, they all lost their money, because most investors not joined on the first day of its opening.

So only use small amount of your spare money to invest HYIP programs and never use big amount to gamble here. Although crowdlending.live used EVSSL digital certificate from COMODO and UK company certificate, it is still a high yield investment program. Try to make a perfect summary for each of your investment and learn something from this.

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