Review: Earn up to 2.1% daily for 20 days

DER GLOBAL LIMITED( is a hyip program which provides medium term investment plans and hyip investors can break even in minimum 20 days. It was launched on November 16th, 2017. The project has been operating online for 419 days till now. DER GLOBAL LIMITED(  changed its plan in half way, that is to say, the current investment plans should not be the plans when it was just opened the first day. But it is not strange because many hyips changed their plans, especially for good hyips. Now let me introduce more details about it.

Already scam, don’t invest!

(1) Invest 9.55 – 10000 dollars, get 2.1% daily for 20 days and principal back in the end

(2) Invest 30000 – 100000 dollars, get 2.5% daily for 35 days and principal back in the end

(3) Invest 100000 – 200000 dollars, get 3.5% daily for 55 days and principal back in the end

(4) Invest 10000 – 300000 dollars, get 650% totally after 25 days

(5) Invest 5000 – 200000 dollars, get 1500% totally after 45 days

(6) Invest 25000 – 100000 dollars, get 3000% totally after 60 days

(7) Invest 500 – 50000 dollars, get 6500% totally after 90 days

(8) Invest 40000 – 500000 dollars, get 570% totally after 11 days

(9) Invest 20000 – 500000 dollars, get 1600% totally after 24 days

The above are all the investment plans provided by DER GLOBAL LIMITED( From these investment plans, it can be seen that the fourth to the ninth will definitely not be paid, because these ultra-high-profit investment plans are only traps for hyip newbies. As for the first three investment plans, of course, the first is the safest of all, but there is a premise, that is your investment amount can not be too large, for HYIP newbies, it is the safest to invest less than 100 dollars. For players with certain HYIP investment experience, the amount of investment can be determined by themselves.

The online banking supported by DER GLOBAL LIMITED ( is PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethreum, BitcoinCash and Dash. The variety is relatively comprehensive and should be able to meet the requirements of most HYIP investors.

If you are a promoter, you can get three levels of referral commissions. It is 5%, 2% and 1%. This commission ratio setting is reasonable. I will give back 5% of investment amount to my referrals. So if you registered from my link below, don’t forget to send me an email within 24 hours after investment, including your username, program domain, investment amount and your ecurrency account. I will give the commissions back to you once I withdraw successfully to my account.

According to the rules of their FAQ page, the user’s withdrawal will be processed within 36 hours, but usually no more than 24 hours, the minimum cash withdrawal is 0.21 US dollars, in addition, Payeer will charge a 0.95% fee.

DER GLOBAL LIMITED( has registered GeoTrust’s EVSSL green certificate, as well as a UK company’s legal certificate, registration number is 11598683. Of course, I wrote in the previous article that any certificate can be bought online directly, but for HYIP projects that may survive for a long time, they usually have a company certificate. At the top of the website is the webmaster’s Twitter and Telegram links. If you want to know more information about DER GLOBAL LIMITED(, you can get in touch with the webmaster there. There are also several Youtube videos on the homepage of the website.

The following is the company introduction attached to the official website.

DER Global Limited is a British company that specializes in several types of commercial activity.

We successfully trade at stock exchanges, making deals on purchasing and selling securities and stocks with a focus on futures contracts. We also actively place its own assets at the Forex market.

Aside from the above-mentioned business spheres, for the past three years, DER Global Limited has been actively and successfully developing cryptocurrency trading, increasing the flow of investments thanks to the successful speculative transactions at the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges of the world and offering consulting services to third companies.

Cooperating with us at the level of this online service signifies new opportunities in the field of receiving a stable passive income regardless of the external factors. Safety of investments, forecastability of the processes, and the predictability of the received profit are the three main advantages of our company when it comes to cooperating with potential investors based on our online resource.

Our office address is 1 Pancras Square, London. Registration number of DER Global Limited is 11598683.

DER Global

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