already stopped paying investment amount higher than 1000 dollars

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Hello, dear HYIP investors. In this article, I will expose an HYIP program which already didn't pay some big amount investors. The program called Crypto Trader( Information below is provided by one of my online friends, totally real. Let's call him Jack.

His last withdrawal is maybe ten days ago, amount 1094 dollars. The request was pending for more than 3 days, and then finally the admin cancelled his withdrawal request and money was moved back to his account balance. He withdrew again 94 dollars, still pending over 3 days till now. It means the program already been selective payout. So don't invest in this program any more.

As a matter of fact, such phenomenon is very common in hyip industry, that is to say, large amount investment always won't be paid regularly. So I suggest all hyip investors, only invest will small large amount of money, better not more than 500 dollars no matter how professionally it looks.

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