Review: earn 3% each working day until 150% reached

Good evening, HYIP investors. CrowdMining( is a HYIP program which provides long term investment plans, and it takes nearly 45 days to break even. It has been online since 2nd Feb 2019, still a young program I think. Compared with most HYIP projects, CrowdMining has a unique investment mode. Now let me introduce it in details.

Already scam, don’t invest!

Investment plan

CrowdMining( only provides one investment plan and the minimum spend amount should be $9. You will earn 3% on each working day for 50 working days, with principal included. Before investment, you should know that there is 2% fee when you deposit. For example, if you invest $1000, then the exact amount you should pay is $1020 in total.

CrowdMining( has its own token which is called “CMTX”. One CMTX equals to $2.25, so your minimum investment amount should be 4 CMTX which equals to $9 just as said above. As a matter of fact, investors are buying CMTX to make a deposit. Exactly speaking, CrowdMining is at the stage of ICO currently.

Each time you buy one CMTX, you will get 100 CMC coins for free(I will say what CMC coin is in the following paragraph). What’s more, the earlier investors will get more extra bonuses. The rule is as below: from 2nd Feb to 15th Feb, you will get 20% extra CMC coins, for example, when you buy 1 CMTX, you will get 100+20 CMC coins; then for investors who deposit in the second month, they will get 15% extra CMC coins; for investors who deposit in the third month, they will get 10% extra CMC coins; for investors who deposit in the fourth month, they will get 5% extra CMC coins. Starting from the fifth month, namely 16th May, investors will not get extra bonus any more, so you can only get 100 CMC coins for each CMTX investment.

Now let’s learn what is CMC coin. According to descriptions on CrowdMining( website, CMC coin will be a cryptocurrency in the future. It will be listed on exchangers from 2nd Sep 2019. At that time, one CMC coin equals to $0.0225. Of course, for the future price of CMC coins, it will depend on the market.

Referral Systems

By promoting the Crowdmining ICO and inviting new investors to cooperate, you receive a reward of 5% from partners you have personally invited; 3% from 2nd line partners, and 1% from 3rd line partners.

The most active investors with strong leadership can reach the status of Director and create a strong team for even higher income from their partners in the 1st to the 5th levels.

To obtain Directorstatus, the number of purchased tokens by your partners from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels should be at least 15,000, and personally you must buy at least 500 tokens. After receiving Director status, you receive 10% from the investments of your partners from the 1st level, 5% from the 2nd level, 3% from the 3rd level, 2% from the 4th level and 1% from the investments of your partners of the 5th level.

For investors who registered from my link below will get 5% of your deposit back. For example, if you invest $1000, then I will transfer $50 back to you. So don’t forget to send me an email after successful investment, including this program domain, your username, investment amount and your personal wallet to receive my commissions. I will send it back to you as soon as I withdraw it to my wallet.

Withdrawal Mode

The minimum withdrawal amount in CrowdMining( is 4.5 dollars and your withdrawal requests will be processed within 12 hours. For each withdrawal, there will be 2% fee deducted. Withdrawal requests will not be processed on weekends, so you can only cash out from Monday to Friday.

Payment Options

CrowdMining( supports PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash and Dash. This is its PM account public information below:


CrowdMining( has a professionally designed website template. The quality of the video reviews on their website is also much better than most HYIP programs. On the bottom of the website, you will see “our vlog”, click it and you will see many video reiviews of CrowdMining( with different languages.

You can also communicate with their online support through the chat box on right corner of their website.

When you open their website, it will shows the same languages as your browsers, this is an automatic translation function which is better than the manual ones.

If you want to know more about CrowdMining( or communicate with other investors, you can join the
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