Company location about – believe it?

Statum Global( started on 15th Nov 2018. According to its website design and promotion, I think it is still a young investment program. In this article, I will write something about its shareholder and company location.

According to a friend’s information, the shareholder of Statum Global( is a Chinese person. On the contact page of their website, we can see that the company location is at Tibet, detailed address is “7V7J+8H Chengnan Residential District, Samzhubze, Xigaze, Tibet, China”. But according to my friend’s information, it is actually at Northeast Province and this infor is displayed in their white paper. See the map below:

Of course, for HYIP programs, we shouldn’t take some information too seriously, such as its location, shareholder, authenticity of company office and so on. But it is not a bad thing to know more information of a program. At the end, let’s see its investment plans and referral systems briefly.

The shortest investment cycle of Statum Global( is only 15 business days and you can invest 10-200 dollars or 0.002-0.06 Bitcoin to earn 1%-1.5% each working day with principal returned. If you invest more, you will also earn more from the daily profit. Of course, if you don’t have spare money, but you know how to promote, then congratulate, you can earn 7%-3%-1% from three level referrals’ deposit.

At the end of this article, I just want to say that all HYIP programs are risky, but you can earn a little spare money if you have investment skills. For Statum Global(, you can choose it as one of your portfolios and invest with small amount of money.

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  1. Hi i can i ask,i want my money back 750 us but now if i open the website of statum is 404 not found how can i get my money back?thanks

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