has been successful online for 100 days

CoinCapitalTrade ( is a HYIP investment program which has been online since 23th Oct 2018. Today, it has paid sucessfully online for 100 days. Today I received an email from the admin, so it attracts me to write something about it. Let’s see the email original content below:

Today successfully Reached 100 days today, Thank you for All the support . Love and Trust, we have launched 
                  ********Weekend special plan 102% After 1 day******, 
will be available for investment till Monday 4th Feb 2019, thank you once again, Have a Great Weekend.

As a matter of fact, CoinCapitalTrade ( started the “Weekend special plan” more than two months ago. At that time, I thought it was just a sign of upcoming closure like most programs. But after two months passed, now I realise that I was wrong for my former judgement.

Currently, CoinCapitalTrade ( provides deposit plans below:

(1) Invest $30-1000, get back 101.5% totally after one day

(2) Invest $20-10000, get 8% daily for 14 days and principal included in daily profit

(3) Invest $30-100000, get 2.3% daily for 80 days and principal included in daily profit

(4) Invest $30-100000, get 3.5% daily for 50 days and principal included in daily profit

(5) Invest $50-100000, get 5% daily for 25 days and principal included in daily profit

(6) Invest $100-100000, get 7% daily for 16 days and principal included in daily profit

I don’t know which plan you like. But for my part, I will choose the first one because the period is only one day and I can earn 1.5 dollars daily with $100 investment. Of course, you should reinvest all the time, because each program will scam sooner or later.

From my friends information, the past withdrawals are all very fast, maybe within maximum 8 hours.

There is an online chat box under the right side bottom of their website. If you have some questions, you can leave messages there to admin. To keep updated news about CoinCapitalTrade( , you can follow their Facebook and Telegram accounts under their website.

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