Chinese Hyiper monitor deleted

Yesterday, Chinese monitor deleted on his website. The main reason is that he used foxmail to receive confirmation codes in system in the past, such as login, withdrawal and other operations. But starting from 8 days ago, his foxmail couldn’t receive any email from, including spam box, so he didn’t make withdrawals during the past days. The he asked technical workers to change his foxmail into Gmail to receive codes again, but the workers let him upload three things below: his ID photo, Hand-held ID card photo, the registration email 200 days ago. But he didn’t want to upload ID information onto an HYIP website, and I think not only him, but also most of us don’t want to upload such personal info to any HYIP website, right? Then he asked whether the technical workers can change receiving code from Email into Telegram, because his telegram works fine, so that there is no need to change email at all. But the technical workers didn’t do this for him.

This is the reason why Chinese monitor deleted instead of changing it into scam, because this program still pays other investors when I writing this article.

By the way, is not monitored by us, so check it carefully on other monitors before investment, also don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose in any HYIP programs.

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