may be operated by a poor HYIP admin domain is registered on 18th Jan 2019. It is a HYIP program providing so-called tokens which medium term investment plans. According to my friends report, Bitmally is run by a poor HYP admin, but I am not sure about it. I just describe it objectively in following paragraphs and you can think it yourself.

First: domain is installed on a shared hosting


From screenshot above, we can see that there are 393 domains on their serve. If the website has dedicated IP or server, it will shows “no other sites hosted on this server”. In fact, most HYIP programs have dedicated IP or server because it is not too much expensive.

Second: attracked promoters to register but doesn’t give money as is promised

For a trusted HYIP admin, he should give promoters advertisement fee as promised. But for admin, he didn’t give promised fee after promoters registered on his website, and even don’t reply their message.

Third: admin Facebook account was blocked


We can see that his account was blocked by Facebook. Maybe he posted too much links to FB users or he cheated too many promoters to registered and finanlly was reported by them. No matter which is the possibility, we can know that is not a good HYIP program and the admin is not trusted.

Fourth: Admin bargained with monitors for big discount

When he bought advertisement from my friend, the normal fee is $150, but he said that he can only gave $100 deposit bonus, already 33% discount. What’s more, when my friend regsitered, the admin just gave nothing and didn’t reply him. It is only $100 deposit bonus, but maybe it is too much expensave for admin.

Fifth: Admin only chose cheap HYIP monitor, see it below

If you are a regular HYIP investor or admin, you should know that all monitors in this picture is not good, but they only require little fee or even no fee.

From the judgement above, we can easily find that admin doesn’t have enough money to operate his program. So stay away from it to keep your money safe.

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