Be aware of scam program

Two weeks ago, a new HYIP program called started online. But you’d better not invest. Because there are some bad news from it.

(1) Attract HYIP monitors to register but not give bonus

As far as I know, told monitor admins that he would buy listing and let them register. But then there is no further news when the monitor admins send their usesrname to ask for bonus. So I think this program is operated by a poor admin, this is also the reason why there is no trusted paying monitors list it for the past two weeks. What’s more, some monitors even gave it bad status, such as the result from and

hyiplogs rate
hyiplisters rate

(2) Use repeated PerfectMoney account U20382052

This PerfectMoney account was once used in another rubbish program called

So J just warn again, don’t invest in if you don’t want your money lost.

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