AK47 Capital(ak47.capital) scams

Hello, my VIP readers. In this article, I will write a program which is not monitored by my blog, called AK47 Capital(ak47.capital), this program has been online since 5th March 2018, till now it runs 100 days, this is also its life end, because I already saw several known blogs give its scam or problem status hours ago.

To most HYIP programs, 100 days lifetime is good enough, but for AK47 Capital(ak47.capital), I don’t think most people are satisfy with this result, I am also think it’s lifetime should be longer than 100 days, because one investment cycle is 50 business days, namely 70 calendar days, and 100 days is less than two cycles. What’s more, if you already seen its website template, you will know it is very professional and original. One of my friends just invested 1000 dollars in it last week, that is unfortunate for him. But actually, this is HYIP, every program may scam at any time and no one can predict that unless you are the admin.

In the end of this article, I want to tell you that no matter how professional an HYIP program looks like, you’d better only invest with small amount.


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