HYIP News Weekly Report on 14th June

(1) Westlandstorage

Westlandstorage has been online since 14th April 2018, till now is 61 days. My last withdrawal is yesterday, it is instant as usual. I can’t withdraw today, because the minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.001BTC and my balance is not enough now. This program looks professional, if interested, you can register and join with your spare money. Of course, you’d better search for more information about it both from facebook and google before joining. As I told in last report, there is some bad voice for it.

(2) Ethralbit

Ethralbit has been online since 27th April 2018, till now it is 48 days. It worked well during the last days, all my withdrawals were instant(lower than 100 dollars). It is a better choice for you to invest a little spare money, as the shortest period is only 24 hours and you can get back your principal after 24 hours with a 1.5% net profit. But you should remember two things, one is just to use small amount to join HYIP, the other is don’t always reinvest.

(3) Variobit

Variobit has been online since 21st Jun 2017, till now it is already 358 days online, nearly a year. All the withdrawal requests in the past days are instant(lower than 100 dollars). This program has the same admin with Ethralbit which I already told you in last article. Anyone who is interested, can invest with part of your spare money, I suggest invest HYIP with amount of lower than 100 dollars.

(4) Privateclub

Privateclub has been online since 20th March 2018, till now it pays 87 days online. Compare with the last three programs, users’ withdrawal requests are manually processed, but usually within 12 hours, this is fast enough. Of course, it has its own advantage, that is referral system. Privateclub provides a five-level referral system, you can get 5%-4%-3%-2%-1% from your team members’ deposit. It is more suitable for promoters I think.

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