Review: 10%-30% monthly net profit hyip

Hello, dear HYIP investors. Hope everything goes well with you, wish you will all have a nice weekend during the next two days. In this article, I will introduce an HYIP program called Caribbean Dream(, which provides mid-term investment plans, it has been online since 29th Jun, 2018, 14 days till now. Admin said that his last projects are strange’ and tudor’, old investors may know these two programs, of course, I know them.  Now let’s step into its topic.

Investment Plans

Caribbean Dream( only provides one plan. Minimum investment amount is 10 dollars, and maximum is 300 dollars, too small for the maximum amount limit, right? Because the data for most programs is thousands of dollars or there is no maximum amount limit at all, well, I will explain the reason in the last paragraph. You will get 1% every business day for 20 business days and principal back in the end.

For example, if you deposit 100 dollars, you will get 1 dollar every day from Monday to Friday, there is no profit on Saturday or Sunday, 20 business days means four weeks, so your net profit will be 20 dollars after the cycle.

There is also an important notice that you can’t make second investment before the last one expires.

Payment Processors

Caribbean Dream( only accepts one payment processor, that is PerfectMoney. It is unconvenient for investors who only use Bitcoin or other USD systems. But it doesn’t matter, if you really like the program, you can exchange your BTC or other currencies into PerfectMoney, all the process only needs several minutes.

Referral Systems

There is only one level referral commissions in Caribbean Dream( , you can get 1% from their deposit. If you deposit through our referral link, you will get 50% RCB from us. Welcome to leave your message within 24 hours after depositing successfully. I will send it back to your payment account after I see it.

Withdrawal Type

Users’ withdrawal requests will be processed manually within 72 hours, the minimum amount is 0.1 dollars and there is no maximum. If your withdrawal is pending  more than 72 hours. Please leave message below about your situations. I will help to communicate with the admin.

Advertisment Section

Bronze Package: 50 dollars

Let’s see its website

Maybe you have already noticed that this program is a little diferent from other programs, such as maximum deposit can’t exceed 300 dollars, can’t have second investment before the last one expires, only 1% referral commissions and so on, right? Yes, you are right. Because the admin told me yesterday that this is a sleeping project now, so he just wants it to be quiet and stable during current stage. I hope what he said is true, so that everyone joined ealier can make money here.  Caribbean Dream( uses an original website template, its theme is about pirates, really interesting. You may find that facebook, twitter and Telegram links are all blank on their webpage. Maybe it is because of sleeping stage right now, I think such links will be filled when the admin start to promote.

Referral link:

If you still have any other questions, just write me an email, I will be glad to reply.

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