HYIP News Weekly Report on 7th June

(1) Westlandstorage

This program has been online since 14th April 2018, till now is 54 days. Weekdays profit is 1% daily and weekends is 0.5% daily, principal works termless, unless you withdraw it 40 days later with 50% fee.  During the past 3 days monitored by us. It paid us instantly and regularly. But there is some bad voice from Facebook that someone told me his withdrawals were pending more than 72 hours, I didn’t know whether his words was right or wrong, because this guy is not in my team so it is difficult for me to testify this. I am here only to tell you that only invest HYIP programs with your spare money, not to invest with large sum amount of capital.

(2) Ethralbit

This program has been online since 27th April 2018, till now it is 41 days. This project is running by a trusted admin and I know him more than two years ago, most of his programs can be good examples in HYIP industry. With this program, you can get back your profit and principal within one day, because the shortest investment term is only one day(101.5% after 24 hours)! Of course, it has other investment plans, if interested, you can go back to see its review.

(3) Variobit

This program has been online since 21st Jun 2017, till now it is already 351 days online. Excellent program,right? Of course, because almost no program can survice for such a long time with such profitable investment plans(5% daily for 30 days). It has the same admin with Ethralbit, I already told you this in their review before. Of course, no one can know how long will it live in the future, but if you are interested and have spare money, you can have a look and try with small amount of money.

(4) Privateclub

This program has been online since 20th March 2018, till now it pays 80 days online. During the past, it pays regularly. Investors’ withdrawal request is processed within 24 hours, most time within 12 hours. According to the official news, minimum withdrawal for BTC is 5 dollars, but if you decide to leave this program but your BTC balance is less than 5 dollars, then you can contact the admin to let him exchange your BTC into other three currencies, such as PM, ADV or Payeer.

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