is not worth to invest

Hello, dear HYIP readers. In this article, I will give you an alert, a program called, I suggest not to invest such kind of programs. This one started on 9th July, just one day till now.

You will find that only provides hourly plans, also the profit is very high. I only choose four plans below:

(1) 15%-18% hourly for 7 hours

(2) 8%-14% hourly for 14 hours

(3) 165%-250% after 3 days

(4) 350%-700% after 6 days

So we can calculate that the minimum daily net profit will be almost 17%. But you may say that it added several monitors and they give it paying status, right? Because such program only pays monitors and very small amount, I can guarantee that if you invest 100 dollars, you will not get your principal back. So stay away from high return hourly programs. They are always fast scams or selective payouts.

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