Facebook Appoints New Blockchain Engineering Director

Facebook is paying more and more attention to the blockchain and recently appointed a project director for blockchain technology.

TechCrunch reports that Facebook’s senior engineer Evan Cheng was recently appointed chief “blockchain engineering director” and confirmed this on Facebook on Thursday.

According to Cheng’s LinkedIn profile, he worked at Apple for 10 years and then worked as a director of programming languages ​​and operations engineering for three years at Facebook, where he was responsible for the blockchain.

In Cheng’s Twitter account, I wrote:

“Day work – programming language, operations; night work – blockchain, cryptocurrency.”

This also implies his expertise in blockchain and encryption.

CoinDesk reported in May that Facebook has set up a team dedicated to exploring blockchain technology. David Marcus, longtime head of Facebook’s Messenger platform, is responsible for leading the team. Marcus is also a member of the board of Coinbase and was previously the president of the payment company PayPal.

Although the company banned all advertisements on cryptocurrencies in January, it has now set up an application for cryptocurrency-related advertising in June, but does not allow advertisements related to ICO and encrypted binary options.

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